1) What TV series started on Sept. 8, 1966?
Laugh In
Star Trek
D.D. Donovan
2) Who decided it was time to leave Cuba in October 1965?
Che Guevara
Desi Arnaz
Andy Garcia

3) Who was born on Sept 3, 1965?
Ty Pennington
Heidi Fleiss
Charlie Sheen
John Daly
4) An the Best Picture of the Year for 1966 goes to . . . .
A Man for All Seasons
The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

5) Who pitched a perfect game against the Cubs in Sept. 1965?
Hoyt Wilhelm
Sandy Koufax
Mike Holtz
Catfish Hunter
6) Who was arrested for Marijuana possession at the Mexican border in 1965?
Janis Joplin
Bob Dylan
Timothy Leary
Willie Nelson

7) What happened for the first time on April 30th 1966?
Gemini 12 splashed down safely in the Atlantic Ocean
Cindy Crawford was born
Triadelphia High won a football game
American enacted Daylight Savings Time
8) And the Best Song of the Year for 1966 Grammy goes to .....
My Name is Barbra, Barbra Streisand
September of My Years, Frank Sinatra
Help!, The Beatles
What Now My Love, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

9) Who said "We're more popular than Jesus" in Feb. 1966?
Mick Jagger
George Harrison
John Lennon
The THS Marching Band
10) What popular TV show ended on Jan. 8, 1966?
Lost in Space
The Andy Griffith Show