The President of the United States of America was Lyndon Baines Johnson,  better known as "LBJ".  He had defeated Senator Barry Goldwater by a landslide in the presidential election in 1964.  The First Lady was Claudia Taylor Johnson, better know as "Lady Bird Johnson".  The Vice President was Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr., a former Senator from Minnesota.


OPPOSITION TO THE VIETNAM WAR GREW. Parades and protests grew in size, variety, frequency and intensity. On March 31, more than 20,000 demonstrated in NY. Counter protesters threw eggs. 

Monthly draft calls about 50,000 men, ten times the 1965 average. 

In April 1966, for the first time, American combat deaths exceeded South Vietnamese. 

In New York, David Miller was convicted of burning his draft card.

Green Berets get our country’s attention in the Vietnam war.
“ONE OF OUR H-BOMBS IS MISSING.” Embarrassing for the U.S., a hydrogen bomb fell off a B-52 Bomber off the coast of Spain and was missing for two months. It was located by a midget submarine on April 7. The Spanish population had been concerned to say the least.
THE SUPREME COURT ruled (5-4) that a confession was invalid if the suspect was not informed of his rights in advance. Ernesto Miranda’s rape conviction was overturned. Police carry the Miranda Rights on a palm-sized card even though they know it by heart.
J. EDGAR HOOVER makes an official announcement that Lee Harvey Oswald was working alone.
CESAR CHAVEZ unites farm workers to strike against grape growers.
LEONID BREZHNEV becomes the new Soviet Leader.
MRS. INDIRA HANDI becomes Prime Minister of India.
CASSIUS CLAY becomes a Muslim and changes his name to Muhammad Ali and was reclassified 1-A by his draft board.
RACE RIOTS occurred in Chicago, New York, and Cleveland. James Meredith, who had integrated “Ole Miss” in 1962, was shot in the back on June 6. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and 208 others were tear gassed while marching in Mississippi. .
THE BLACK PANTHER party was founded in Oakland, CA.
EDWARD BROOKE, the former Massachusetts attorney general, became the first Black to be elected to the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction. Reconstruction era Blacks who served in the Senate 85 years earlier had been elected by Mississippi legislators and not by voters at large.
ABOARD THE GEMINI 11 in September, Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon set an altitude record of 851 miles and rendezvoused in space. Buzz Aldrin, and James Lovell landed the Gemini 12 in the Atlantic in November 1966.
THE FIRST ARTIFICAL HEART PUMP was implanted in a human patient. The lead surgeon was Michael Debakey in Houston, Texas.
THE OLD METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE closed in New York after 83 years. The New Met, decorated with murals by Mark Chagall, opened at Lincoln Center.
VAN GOGH’S portrait of Mlle. Ravoux sold at Christie’s London for 150,000 guineas, which was then equivalent to $441,000 in USD
AMERICAN CATHOLICS were not longer required to abstain from meat on Fridays – except during Lent – because of a decision by theVatican.
MASTERS AND JOHNSON’S sexual studies change public view.
POLLUTION STANDARDS for cars were initiated by California.
LSD is declared illegal in the state of California.


The 70th BOSTON MARATHON was won by Japan’s Kenji Kimihara in 2 hrs., 17 min., 11 sec. Roberta Gibb Bingay was the first woman to run in the event. She finished ahead of about half the men.


PEGGY FLEMING won the Women's Singles Title in Figure Skating. She would go on to win 3 consecutive world titles.

BILLIE JEAN KING beat Brazil’s Maria Bueno



THE BOSTON CELTICS prevailed in the NBA championships. They beat the Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 3. Red Auerbach, the Celtics' coach, retired with his 8th successive championship.

BILL RUSSELL, Celt center, succeeded Auerbach and became the first Black to coach a major American sports team.

NBA Championship
Boston 4-3 (LWWWLLW) - Coach: Red Auerbach
Opposing Team:  LA Lakers - Coach: Fred Schaus

Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia, C Ave Score: 33.5

NCAA National Champions:  Texas Western 28-1 - Coach: Don Haskins



In NFL pro action on November 27, a new NFL scoring record was set – the highest combined total points in a game and the second highest for one team:  THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS BEAT THE NEW YORK GIANTS 72-41.


The National and American leagues agreed to a merger to occur in 1970 and a common draft of college players in 1967. They also set up a plan for a Super Bowl game at the end of the 1966-67 season.

Jim Brown retires with a career rushing record of 12,312 yards.

Coach Vince Lombardi leads Green Bay Packers to third straight NFL title.

Superbowl I:  Green Bay 35 - Kansas City 10

Pro MVP: Bart Starr, Gree Bay, QB and Don Meredith, Dallas, QB

College Football: Notre Dame

Heisman Trophy:  Setve Spurrier, Florida, QB

Rose Bowl:  Purdue 14, USC 13
Orange Bowl:  Florida 27, Georgia Tech 12
Cotton Bowl:  Georgia 24, SMU 9
Sugar Bowl:  Alabama 34, Nebraska 7

CASEY STENGEL and TED WILLIAMS were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

World Series: 
Baltimore 4-0 - Coach: Hank Bauer
Opposing Team:  LA Dodgers - Coach:  Walter Alston

National League:
Roberto Clemente, Pittsburg - OF
Rookie of the Year:  Tommy Helms, Cincinnati - 3B

American League:
Frank Robinson, Baltimore - OF
Rookie of the Year:  Tommie Agee, Chicago - OF


JACK NICKLAUS won the Masters Golf tourney for the 3rd time. He then won the British Open, becoming one of 4 to win the 4 major golfing events in the world (the PGA, the Masters, and the U.S. Open are the others).